Processing form entries

Creating forms in infoodle enables your organisation to collect data and/or payments quickly and efficiently. Once someone has filled in a form it then needs to be processed. If this is part of your role you may be set up to be notified by email when an entry is completed. Alternatively you can check for form entries in the Forms area. Let's look at how to process a form here.

  1. Click on Forms in the Navigation bar/menu.
  2. If you want to see all the recent forms that have been submitted then click on Recent entries. This takes you to a list of the most recent (25) entries that you can see, that are awaiting approval. You can also switch to see recently approved ones. Click View to view and approve the form.
  3. There is also a search box on the forms list screen which allows you to enter the form ID and go directly to the form in question whether it has been approved or not.
  4. Another way to find the form waiting to be processed it to scroll down to the form you are interested in. If any entries have been received it will have the entries icon beside it.
  5. Click on this icon.
  6. This will bring up a list of all the form entries starting with the most recent first. Click on one of the entries listed and the approval form will open up starting with their Entry ID no.
  7. Once in the form waiting for approval, review the entered fields and edit them if needed i.e. there may be a spelling mistake or an incorrect value.
  8. If you have added the repeating people block field (when building your form) in order to allow multiple people to be added to one form then you have the ability to ignore or cancel one or more of the multiple people entered onto the form if need be for any reason. Simply tick the This repeat is not required box.
  9. To the right of each field you will see a note by infoodle telling you what will happen with the data when approved. Once you have reviewed and edited scroll down the page to Step 1 Approve this form.
  10. Put a tick in the box next to Override mandatory field requirements if you wish to untick any fields that are normally mandatory (those with the orange underline) so their details will not be applied to the database.
  11. Click the Save form changes if you have made changes to the data that the user submitted in the form.
  12. To approve this form you will need to select or create the person in infoodle that this form applies to. Your options are:
    • Click Assign if you want to match the data found in infoodle with the details in the form i.e. this will then change the address and other information in infoodle to match what is given in the form.
    • Click Create if you want to add a new contact to infoodle using the information in the form, adding workflows (or not) if you have the 'people' 'added' trigger chosen.
    • Or alternatively search infoodle to see if there is another person you want to assign this information to and once found click Assign.
    Note: If you have added the repeating people block field (when building your form) in order to allow multiple people to be added to one form then you will need to repeat step 12 for each person as well as follow step 13-15, otherwise ignore step 13-15. Move through the people tabs and select whether to Assign or Create for each one e.g first do Repeat 1-1 (Mary Brown), click Assign or Create, then click on the Repeat 1-2 (Jane Doe) and do the same for Jane, etc. You will know that you have completed doing them all when there is a tick alongside their name like with Mary Brown in the screenshot below.

  13. If there are financials or payments you will need to select which contact to attach the financials to (this only applies if you have used the repeating people block field).
  14. Select whether to place the person or people into a new organisation( or household), the same organisation (or household) as the others on the form, etc (this only applies if you have used the repeating people block field).
  15. If you have mistakenly assigned one or more of the people to the incorrect contact then click the Reset choice button to reassign the contacts (this only applies if you have used the repeating people block field).
  16. Finally click the Approve the form button. If you get an error then make sure that all repeating tabs have been linked to an existing or new person.

Form payments - manual payments

If a form has payment entry fields e.g. donations, payments for tickets or camp fees etc these will need to be processed manually if payment is not made by credit card. See Step 2 Payment History for info on how to do this

Form payments - credit card payments

If a form has payments made via credit card then when you reconcile the transaction you can link it to the form an mark as paid. Click here for more information.

Form payments - create an invoice in Xero from an infoodle form

Once a form is approved, you can now create an invoice in xero. Click here for more details on how to do this.

Note: If you click on the 'Delete form entry' button the form will be deleted and all the information with it. Do not delete a form unless you are sure it is junk or not needed.
On the forms entries screen you can now filter to show those forms that have been deleted. You can then show that form and 'undelete' it. You can also choose to include deleted forms in the export.

Note: You can customise the Form entries list to show 'To be approved', 'Approved', 'Not yet paid' or 'Paid' by using the drop down at the top left of the screen. Also, If you want to view or print a list of entries just click the 'Export' button (top right). Choose from Excel or CSV format.

Note: Click here to go to online payment information.