Publishing a form

So you've built your form, applied the Form Settings and setup an email response. Now all that remains is to publish it. Click on the Publish tab and check out the information below which relates to the Publish screen.

Embed - in your Website

If you wish to include this form directly in the page of your website, then you need to use this technique so it will show in your page rather than just being a link. It's the same idea as embedding a youtube video. Your website design will determine how wide you want the form (the height is auto calculated). If you leave it to 'default' then it will size to the maximum it can. If your page is responsive (designed to shrink and grow depending on what browser you are using) then choose the default option as infoodle's form is responsive

  1. Choose the Width display from the drop down list.
  2. Copy the code given in the Embed - in your Website box in infoodle and paste it into your website. It will depend on what you are able to do in your website tool as to how you actually do this.

Once you have published the form on your website it becomes public and people will be able to complete the form.

Some website management systems that have a guide on how to do this

For advanced usage of adding data to a form, click here for more details

For more information on adding a form click here.

Note: Once the forms have been completed and submitted then they will need processing. Click here for further information on Processing forms.

Share - Public link

Use the public link when you want to email a link to your form, add it to your facebook page, or include a link to the form on your website. You have two link options:

  • The first link uses the words of the form name and makes the links more obvious to the end user rather than a bunch of numbers and letters. You control this by setting the form name.
  • The second permanent link is not affected by changing the form name. It is a permanent link that is made up of numbers and letters.

The public links are created by infoodle.

  1. Copy the link given in the Share - Public link box in infoodle.

If you are emailing from infoodle

  1. in the body of your email insert a link using the insert/edit link button.
  2. Paste the link in the URL box.

Once the email recipient clicks on the link then they will be able to access the form and complete it. No login to infoodle is required.

Note: For more information on emailing links, click here.