Install and Set up Label Server

To print labels - infoodle requires you to setup a label server using the software described below. The check in terminals will communicate both with your infoodle site, and the infoodle label server.

Which computer do I run the label server on?

It’s important to choose the right computer to run this software on:

  1. It must run Windows operating system. Currently we only support windows computers (32 or 64 bit operating systems).
  2. This computer needs to be part of your network (can be the same computer you run the check in terminal on)
  3. The computer needs to be on the same network as your check in terminals
  4. The computer needs to be on the same network as your printers
  5. The computer needs a static IP address

Does infoodle need to configure anything?

Yes! In order to keep everything secure you have to access this server using a domain name (FQDN), not directly via an IP address. e.g. is OK but is not. In addition, this needs to be an one and therefore we need to set it up. This can be done and available to you in about 2 minutes so it’s no issue. You need to therefore let us know which IP address you will be running the server on – we will let you know once it’s ready.

What about printers?

The infoodle label server will be communicating to your label printers via your computers printers. Therefore you need to ensure you have installed the printers onto the computer you will be running the check in server from. Please ensure :

  1. You have a suitable name for the printer as these are the names your users will see e.g. LABEL1 or kids-label-printer. It's best to avoid none standard characters e.g. just letters and numbers.
  2. You have successfully produced a test label from your computer. If this doesn’t work, the check in server won’t work!

How do I get and install the software?

Depending on your operating system – please download from these links – they are only 2mb
- Labelserver 64 bit – most common
- Labelserver 32 bit – older computers

Create a folder on your computer and unzip the files into this folder.
e.g. c:\labelserver

Launching the server

The software ‘listens’ on a certain address. This address has 2 parts, the IP address and the port. The IP address you have already communicated to infoodle and we have setup a FQDN for you. An example of this is

The second part is the port you wish the check in server to listen on. This is a number up to 65525. This needs to be a spare port that you are not currently using. E.g. if you have an intranet running don’t use 80 or 443. If you have mail on this server don’t use 25,487 or 110. We suggest something like 500 as this isn’t common. This will always be the same as we need to ensure your firewall is open and the terminals are configured once if possible. If you choose a port already in use then it's easy to change it.

Right Click on 'install.bat' and choose 'Run as Administrator'

Follow the prompts to add the IP address and the Port

This will install the labelserver as a service – so you don’t need the computer logged on all the time – and start it.

All being well it should say service started.



If the service installs successfully but instead of starting is 'paused', check the IP address you have chosen. The IP address MUST be one of the IP addresses that your computer is using - we are in effect adding a service to your computer - it must not be a separate IP address.


If you have a firewall running on the computer the labelserver is running on, you will need to open the firewall to allow the terminals to access it.

If you only use 'windows firewall' then click the Start / Control Panel. Use the search (top right) to search for Firewall - and choose 'Allow a program through Windows firewall'

With this launched - choose 'change settings'

Then 'Allow another program'

Then use the 'browse' button to find your label server

And click 'Add'

That's it – all done – you’re now ready to test it!

Testing the server

Is the server listening?

Open a web browser and enter HTTPS:// (note that it is secure!) then the URL provided by infoodle – with the port you selected - you should get the message ‘Welcome to the infoodle label print server’.

The remaining configuration is performed via your infoodle site e.g.

See the help pages on setting up your login users and the label settings.

Update the server

Should there be a software change supplied by infoodle, simply copy the files supplied over the existing ones. Once done you need to restart the service by clicking the supplied restart.bat file

Remove the server

If you no-longer want the server – run the supplied file ‘remove’ then delete the folder containing the server software.